The project integration meeting will primarily being used for coordinating the ongoing and future work between the project partners.



The project meeting will be used to coordinate the further progress of the project.

  • Management Comitee Meeting
    • Inform and coordinate changes to secondments and recruitments
    • Status of upcoming secondments / recruitements
    • Agreement for associated partners
    • Financing of invited researchers / speakers
    • Software licensing policy
    • Task management:  upcoming work packages, task distribution and
      dissemination actions
    • Procedure for submitting deliverables
    • Next meeting (where / when)

  • Discussion and Coordination of Project Work
    • Background (brief)
      • WP1: Deliverables
      • WP1: Mr.SBM components overview, clients (desktop, mobile apps), WS, Globus Online
      • WP1: Scenarios
    • Planning
      • Planning
      • DoW: tasks and deliverables WP2
      • Priority of WP1 scenarios
      • CLOSER 2014 workflow
      • Initial applications to install in the RISC Cloud
    • General
      • Data transfer and storage: Globus Online/SFTP/Dropbox etc., Data storage and sharing between users/groups, authentication and security
      • Web-services metadata + registry
      • Cloudburst infrastructure / capabilities
      • Software licences / code sharing (where)