On 4th of July 2013 Oswaldo Trelles and Paul Heinzlreiter have been invited to give a presentation on Bioinformatics for a group of high school children from the Czech Republic. The event took place in the JKU Softwarepark Hagenberg, Austria.

Mr. SymBioMath was used as an example to present the role of science and its applications to young people as well as to try to motivate them to possibly persue related careers. A focus has been put on describing the application area of Mr. SymBioMath together with its impact on society to the young audience:

  • The role of genomes for humans and other beings
  • Tracing migrations of peoples over history
  • Comparing genomes from different species like for example human, chimpanzee, and dog to determine their evolutionary history

A german online article on the events can be found here.