The Computer Architecture Department at the University of Malaga is an academic and research group with particular experience in experimental and theoretical work in high performance computing; including the development of new parallel compilers, the design of VLSI circuits and the mapping of applications over clusters, multiprocessor machines and Grid-based environments; having also strong in-house computer support.

BitLAB (Bioinfomatics and Information Technologies Laboratory) is an internal group at the Computer Architecture Department at the University of Malaga focused in the application of advanced computing to solve management and data analysis in bioinformatics and biomedical fields; especially in Input/Output bounded applications. Bioinformatics, a data-driven science strongly featured by the high volume of heterogeneous data sets and the geographical dispersion of their services, is used as the benchmarking application domain in the research lines of Bitlab.

The BitLAB group has also trained staff to bridge data, medical and biological expertise into an integrated perspective to solve biomedical problems. Based on a strong collaborative environment between multi-disciplinary teams allows to develop user-friendly platforms as a contribution in filling the gap between theoretical research and applied sciences.